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History of the NMS

In the fall of 1969 Aivars Liepa, at that time the Dean of the Department of Physics and Mathematics at the Latvian State University, founded the Extramural Mathematics School under the auspices of the Department. Guiding a small group of enthusiastic students and entrusting them with power to make and implement important decisions, he contributed to the rapid growth and evolution of an advanced mathematics teaching system. Unfortunately, Aivars Liepa suddenly passed away on June 13, 1979. After Liepa’s death the NMS was named after him and Agnis Andžāns took over the management of the NMS.

In its early days, the Extramural School of Mathematics School, just as its name suggests, engaged in students’ education  extramurally – correspondence took place between the students and the NMS staff. Students received theoretical materials and sets of tasks, got acquainted with the theory and solved the problems. The students sent their solutions to the NMS where these solutions were corrected and sent back to the students with comments and new materials. In this way, four to six sessions were held during each school year. Over time, however, the scope of NMS’s work has became so diverse that the extramural work (now known as “Extramural studies for high school students”) now constitutes only a very small part of its activities.

Between 1997 and 2005, the NMS was responsible for the LIIS teaching aids informatization within the framework of the Latvian Education Informatization System (LIIS).

The NMS Team

After Aivars Liepa’s passing in 1979, the NMS was taken over by Agnis Andžāns – at that time a junior research fellow at the Computing Centre. The longtime leader and source of inspiration for the NMS retired in 2012.

The NMS team at the conclusion of Latvian 64th Mathematical Olympiad (from left to right – Andris Locāns, Maruta Avotiņa, Ilze Ošiņa, Agnese Ķerubiņa, Agnese Šuste, Mārtiņš Kokainis).


The NMS team at the conclusion of Latvian 40th Open Mathematical Olympiad (from left to right – Mārtiņš Kokainis, Maruta Avotiņa, Zane Kaibe, Agnese Šuste).

The NMS team at the conclusion of Latvian 29th Open Mathematical Olympiad (from left to right –  Līga Ramāna, Lāsma Strazdiņa, Kristīne Kiršteina, Sandra Krauze, Diāna Cauka).

The NMS team in 2000 (from left to right – Julita Kluša, Līga Ramāna, Dace Bonka, Lāsma Strazdiņa, Sandra Krauze).

Apart from the regular staff, there are many other people involved in the NMS’s activities – mainly the students and alumni of the University of Latvia, former mathematical Olympiad participants, mathematics teachers and many other mathematics enthusiasts.

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