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Below is a brief overview of the website structure. Although almost everything is in Latvian, you can still find some useful information such as the problems from the previous National Olympiad (also in Latvian, though), view some photos of our latest events or get in contact with the NMS.

Problem Collection

Here you will find a collection of the problems used in various competitions and Olympiads. Subpages include:

MMU – contains both presentations from the Little University of Mathematics and test sheets and homeworks. Covers a couple of years.

Competitions – includes problems for So Much or… How Much? as well as problems and solutions from the Young Mathematicians’ Contest and the Professor Littledigit’s Club.

Latvian Olympiads – contains the problems and solutions from the first three stages of the National Mathematical Olympiad (Preparatory Olympiad, County Olympiad and National Olympiad, respectively) and the Open Mathematical Olympiad.

International Olympiads – contains the problems (and also some solutions) from the Baltic Way, IMO and EGMO.

Photo Gallery

Here you will find some photos of events organized by the NMS; contains mostly photos from the Little University of Mathematics and the award ceremony.


This page and its subpages provide access to some books and materials that are mostly designed for advanced elementary mathematics mastering. Included are both materials of specific topics and collections of problems and solutions.

Wall of Fame

Here you will find the pictures of winners of the Olympiads and competitions. Subpages include

Olympiad winners – here you will find the results of the National Olympiad (the 3rd stage of the National Mathematical Olympiad), the Open Mathematical Olympiad, as well as the results of Latvian team in EGMO, IMO and BW.

Competition winners – here are the results of the So Much or… How Much? (both the results of the regional Olympiad and the results of the national Olympiad), the results of the Professor Littledigit’s Club, the Young Mathematicians’ Contest and the top scorers of the Extramural studies for high school students.

Overall best – 9th and 12th grade graduates who have shown the best results overall in several years.

Awards – information on specific prizes and the award winners.

Teachers – here you will learn about teachers whose students have achieved the best results in the National and Open Olympiads in each respective school year. The mathematics teachers are awarded in the following nominations:

  • best achievement in coaching of primary school students;
  • best achievement in coaching of students from Latvian regions;
  • best achievement in coaching of students nationwide;


Here we thank our contributors, supporters and volunteers who have made ​all these events possible.

Contact Us

As you can guess, here you can find multiple ways of getting in touch with the NMS.

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